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"Cheyenne’s work is unique in that she can traverse all levels of communication. She is particularly adept at communicating science data into language understandable by non-scientists. She has excellent writing skills and provides innovative ideas regarding office efficiency. One of our best employees." 

-Arlene Butz, ScD, Professor of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

"I have used Cheyenne McCray services to help develop and promote my work and I will continue to use her in the future. She is the best I have ever come across."

-Geoffrey Reed, PlanetReed.London

“Cheyenne's assistance was such a great addition to our team! She brought a custom method to how we communicate, and always responded to messages quickly - even with the time difference. I am now able to communicate outside of the company due to her. Thank you!”  -M. Miranda, Co-founder at Crowne Law 

"Cheyenne's work in taking our communication's gap and strategising the contact of those who spoke in either House of Parliament worked very well. We had many more members attend our meeting than in our previous months. Excellent.-Thank you."

- A. Malcolm, Executive Secretary at P&SC

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