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The Parliamentary & Scientific Committee

is a liaison group between Parliamentarians and scientific bodies in Britain. The Committee focuses on issues where science and politics meet.

Communications Need

The P&SC holds monthly topical meetings to debate a scientific or technological topic and its relationship with political issues. Attendance to these meetings by Parliamentary members was objectively low. The P&SC wanted to better engage with these Parliamentary members during the invitation stage to increase meeting attendance. 

Communication Strategy 

After in-depth discussions of past approaches used to improve meeting attendance, it was decided that past execution, not method, may be the issue. The invitation was not personalized enough to interest the Parliamentary members. Background research was conducted on the 500+ members to determine which may have a personal interest in that month's topic. Those identified individuals were targeted through personalized emails that related their past political interests to the current meeting topic. Personable follow-ups were conducted leading up to the meeting date. The attendance rate of that month's meeting increased by two-thirds. 

The Johns Hopkins Hospital 

is a highly-ranked research hospital in the Baltimore. A multi-year clinical trial study explored the impact of environment, maternal health, and intervention methods on chronically ill youth.

Communication Need

A component of a study within the Johns Hopkins Hospital sought to determine the reasons behind ED service overuse by a sect of caregivers who had children with a particular illness. It was noticed that caregivers living in the inner city feel into this sect opposed to those living elsewhere. 

Communication Strategy 

Through working with the study team and pediatric ED staff, a series of methods were implemented to garner patient perceptions. In-depth interpersonal interviews were conducted with over 300+ caregivers, and smaller focus groups were organized around major themes. Reasons for overuse were conceptualized and presented to physician thought leaders to educate and prompt actionable steps towards change.   

Crowne Law

is an international financial consultancy group located in Costa Rica. It offers strategic monetary services to global clients.

Communication Need

Crowne Law interacts with clients on 5 continents on a daily basis. While their main operating language is English, several employees are non-native speakers. Additionally, their staff works primarily through a remote capacity. There was a need to improve external communication in English and to also improve internal communication practices.    

Communication Strategy 

Working within the team, key needs for communication editing were identified and performed. External native English speakers were sourced to carry out daily revisions for select staff. Due to the remote status of many team members, a communication guide was revised to reflect present needs and implemented using team checks and balances. Redundancies were reduced for both internal and external communication outputs and English errors in writings decreased to 0%.   

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