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Speeches provide a structured way to engage with an audience verbally (or in a published statement).

Speech On American Healthcare 



Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness.


We recognize these as our unalienable rights guaranteed to us by the Declaration of Independence, which our government must protect. 


Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. But what of health? 


Our health is a basic human right—and it should be treated as unalienable. 


How can we pursue happiness if our well-being is not cared for? 

How can we be liberated if our bodies are tied to illness? 

How can we LIVE if we do not have a fundamental regard towards health?


The United States is currently enthralled in a deadly debate surrounding healthcare, but it should not be. Healthcare nurtures well-being. Healthcare breeds a functional society. Healthcare saves lives!   


There should be no debate about Trumpcare—which will weaken the elderly and the poor through raised costs, drastically strip women of access to necessary services, and leave virtually millions without health insurance—because healthcare should not be about costs, access, or insurance. 


Healthcare should be about caring. It is time the government started caring about providing each and every American with a blanket set of healthcare services, healthcare rights. 


The philosopher Voltaire once said that, “the art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”  


Well, many of us have, unfortunately, seen what happens to serious illness if nature is simply allowed to run its course. And we are no longer amused. 


It is time for us as Americans to demand expanded healthcare rights that service our basic needs. It is time for the government to start protecting our rights to health. 


Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. And health. 

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