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What does Writing Proofreader do?

Writing Proofreader provides premium editing and proofreading services to writing. Many revision companies charge additional fees for both editing and proofreading. I perform both for the one set fee to ensure your document is as polished as possible.



What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

Editing reviews and changes your text to improve the flow and overall quality of your writing. Proofreading reviews your text for spelling errors, punctuation errors, and typos.



Does your service rewrite my entire document for me?

No, I work with what you provide me. All grammatical and syntax errors will be corrected, and words or short sentences may be inserted to improve overall comprehension. However, additional content will not be added to your writing. This service is about making your words work better for you!  



Are you a native English speaker?

Yes. I am American and will revise your document using American English. However, I have also lived and worked in the UK, so if you require British English please note that with your submission.  



Are there specific topics you do not edit?

No. I will edit any writing you provide me. I have a background in science that enables me properly revise technical topics as well.



How do I purchase an editing service and send you me document?

To purchase a service, send your document either through email ( or the upload form on the homepage. I will then respond to that email with an invoice to be paid via Paypal or Venmo. Services will commence upon payment.    



How does the Email Revisions service work?

We can determine the best method for your unique needs. Some writers prefer to just email the draft message to me, and I reply with the necessary edits. Others prefer using a dedicated app such as Asana or Hangouts. In apps such as these, users are instantly notified when they receive a message and private threads can be created. It is really up to you and personal preferences! 


Do I pay before or after I submit my document for revision?

Upon submitting your document, an invoice will be sent to you. All invoices must be paid before revisions are started. 


What is 1 month of Unlimited Email Revisions?

This service allows you to have your emails revised for 4 business weeks, beginning on the day you request your first email revision in Asana. 4 business weeks is 20 days as business hours are M-F. Please inquire if interested


How long does each service usually take?

Document revisions will be completed within 48 business hours of submission. Email revisions will be completed within 2 hours of submission. Shorter emails will take less time (15-30 minutes), while longer emails will require more time. 


What are your business hours?

Writing Proofreader operates M-F from 9am-7pm CT. Any work submitted outside of these hours will be completed during the next business hours. 

Are there any special discounts for your services?

Currently, if you refer Writing Proofreader to a friend and they purchase a service you will receive 10% off you next service purchase. Additionally, if you have questions about unique projects you may have, please contact me for further discussion. 

How may I contact you?

You may contact me here or email me at I will respond to your query within 24 business hours!



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